About BIF

Who are we?

We are an english-speaking Christian church. We come from all over the city and the world for many different reasons but we are united by our worship of and devotion to Jesus Christ. We are interdenominational with a charismatic flavour. Bratislava International Fellowship is the english-speaking ministry of Bratislava City Church, part of the Apostolic Churches of Slovakia. Find out more about BIF from our Facebook page.

Why do we exist?

BIF exists  to be a flourishing community of english speakers who love God, love each other and make a positive difference in Bratislava.

We know that it can be difficult to move away from home, learn a new language and have to live in a different culture. As a church family we want to be a safe place for internationals, ex-pats and english speakers to find a home away from home, grow in their relationship with Christ and be used by God in His Kingdom.

How do we do it?

At BIF we want people to:

  1. Meet with God
  2. Minister to each other
  3. Make a difference

We want to be wide in our acceptance of all people into the church as well as other churches. We also want to be open to following God’s call on our lives and serve Him in Bratislava and the rest of the world. We subscribe to the Lausanne Covenant  and its application in our church life.

What do we do?

BIF has regular Sunday Celebration Services at 10:00am at Istropolis (near Tranvske Myto and Shopping Central). A typical Celebration Service includes passionate worship, prayer, community connection, teaching from the Word and food. The environment is casual and friendly and childcare is provided during the teaching times. All are welcome.

BIF also hosts other regular and special events throughout the year. Please check our Facebook page for more information.

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